How the vietnam war affected music

When Did the Vietnam War End. Briefly discuss as a class or in small groups: In the South, the U. But blood and money were not the only prices they had to pay.

Lasting for 20 yearsthe Vietnam war, as bloody as any other wars, took away more than 2 millions lives, in which many of them were civilians.

The war ruined both North and South Vietnam. Reports of the Tet Offensive stunned the U. Student protest swept elite university campuses This was the era of the youth counter-culture, flower power, and the Woodstock music festival.

Folk-singers and rock stars appeared at anti-war rallies. Folk-singers and rock stars appeared at anti-war rallies. At another protest 10 days later, two students at Jackson State University in Mississippi were killed by police. Ask students to revisit their answers to the discussion questions in Step 6.

In which decade did the number of households with televisions surpass 90 percent. The Vietnam War also left many long lasting effects on the veterans who had fought hard in the war.

Protest and Rock n' Roll During the Vietnam War

On it were inscribed the names of 57, American men and women killed or missing in the war; later additions brought that total to 58, American flags were destroyed on the platform at Woodstock, and Jimi Hendrix played a strange version of the American national anthem.

What adjectives would you use to describe the sound of the music. How does this growth appear on the line chart. Many African-Americans hoped a battle against fascism could lead to the end of discrimination in the U. Psychologically, the effects ran even deeper.

For other Americans, opposing the government was considered unpatriotic and treasonous.

Vietnam War Protests Influenced Popular Music

Eisenhower had pledged his firm support to Diem and South Vietnam. By June, 82, combat troops were stationed in Vietnam, and military leaders were calling formore by the end of to shore up the struggling South Vietnamese army.

What might the music sound like.

Vietnam War

After the My Lai Masscreanti-war protests continued to build as the conflict wore on. The war ruined both North and South Vietnam. Bombarded by horrific images of the war on their televisions, Americans on the home front turned against the war as well: Kennedy in to report on conditions in South Vietnam advised a build-up of American military, economic and technical aid in order to help Diem confront the Viet Cong threat.

Many returning veterans faced negative reactions from both opponents of the war who viewed them as having killed innocent civilians and its supporters who saw them as having lost the waralong with physical damage including the effects of exposure to the toxic herbicide Agent Orangemillions of gallons of which had been dumped by U.

The later years of the war saw increased physical and psychological deterioration among American soldiers—both volunteers and draftees—including drug use, post-traumatic stress disorder PTSDmutinies and attacks by soldiers against officers and noncommissioned officers.

A few decades have passed but Vietnam remains a developing country under the Communist government. And songs were an important part of that protest.

Vietnam War

Folk singers like Joan Baez led early anti-war protests Many folk singers were closely connected with the civil rights movement which was reaching its climax with mass demonstrations against segregation in Southern cities like Selma and Birmingham.

For some young people, the war symbolized a form of unchecked authority they had come to resent. The Vietnam War and active U. You can be the first one on your block To have your boy come home in a box.

It was the glue that bound the communities they formed in their hooches, base camps, and lonely outposts from the Mekong Delta to the ravines of the demilitarized zone DMZ. Dec 07,  · A new book explores the way Americans who served in the Vietnam War turned to music to cope.

Vietnam War Protests Influenced Popular Music

They listened to the radio, or on cassette. The music then was a profound change of music in a time of profound change. It really captured the imagination and feel of the revolutionary changes occurring in America at many levels. It was odd being in Viet Nam listening to the hippie somewhat anti war music.

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As public approval of the Vietnam War dwindled in the latter half of the s, popular music artists began to record songs that reflected this disapproval and ultimately became a new method of protest.

there are no real answers to this, yet I think that Vietnam made music much more darker.

What was the impact of the Vietnam War?

Psychedelic subcolture faded away and the ‘metal’ was born, than the punk. Not to mention dark bands like Pink Floyd that, even if were English, were ‘filled’.

Much of popular music in the s was another means of protest for an audience that was against the Vietnam War. Several now-influential music artists used their talents to appeal to a wide audience that was against the war.

How the vietnam war affected music
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